Nepal Myanmar Relation
Trade relations

Despite MoU between FNCCI and UMFCCI, trade relations are far from satisfactory. With the sweeping and meaningful reforms in Myanmar, there are great potentials and prospects of B to B development and expansion.


The number of tourists from Myanmar to Nepal during the years 2010-2012 is upwards of 8,000. Myanmar has constructed a Pagoda and a Monastery in Lumbini. Nepal presented 16 wooden panels depicting life history of Lord Buddha which has been enshrined in front of famous Shwe Dagon Pagoda in Yangon. There is a noticeable surge of visa seekers from Myanmar to Nepal since October 2012, reaching a staggering figure of 368 on November 12, 2012.

Cultural landscape

Majority of the population of Myanmar follows Buddhism (88%). There exists enormous potential for attracting tourists from Myanmar for pilgrimage tourism / religious tourism.

Nepalese community

The number of Burmese of Nepalese origin living in Myanmar engaged in different professions is estimated at over 200 thousands. They bridge the two countries at the people's level.

Nepal's GDP grew by 4.0 per cent in 2009, after 4.7 per cent growth the previous calendar year. Inflation in 2009 was 13.2 per cent. Average annual population growth over the past decade was 2.3 per cent.Over 80 per cent of the economically active........... More »

Government has taken steps to restructure the economy by introducing measures such as tax reform, massive privatisation of public enterprises, dismantling Investment & Trade barriers, liberalising the foreign exchange system................................. More »

Nepal became a member of World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2004, the first least-developed country (LDC) to join the WTO through the full working party process and is in process to amend or adopt certain laws and regulations consistent........... More »